Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Move Day

So this won't be a real long post because I am exhausted. Matthew and I managed to take the majority of things from our place in Yarmouth and then stuff them into our new old place. It's a huge amount of chaos... some of it organized some of it not. My grandparents came and helped us pack and we rented a Uhaul trailer which was Matthew's first time driving a truck with a trailer attached. Afterwards we went back to my mother and father's house for some down time. I couldn't really handle working on the house anymore but the bed wasn't set up yet for sleeping.

I am trying to figure out what day to get my puppy. I don't want to get her if there are too many boxes not unpacked. I am allowed to get her anywhere between the 4th - 7th. I've always wanted to have a golden retriever and never got one. Anyway this post isn't really going very far because I am too sleepy... I'll post again tomorrow.

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