Saturday, March 27, 2010

The deck

Well, things have been interesting around here. As a first time puppy owner and home owner, I've been going slightly insane. I am not used to living in the woods and nor am I used to having a small furry creature tugging at my pants while I walk. I love her to death but you know it can be a little discouraging. I have to start posting on here more... for my sanity I think. Well today my husband and my future brother in law decided they were going to tackle our front deck. What is wrong with our front deck?

Well the posts that the roof rests on had rotted and collapsed. Part of the deck was also pushed away from the rest of the house. I helped push it back to where it belonged but I was glad Kyle was there so I didn't have to help with the rest. I was afraid to help because what needed to be done was put in supports and then knock out the original supports. I was terrified that the whole front of the house was going to collapse... and I must say it did sound like that for a while. Matthew discovered that part of the roof needed to be jacked up to fit the second last beam in. As he was jacking up the roof I could hear the house groaning while I was inside of it. There was about an hour where I just sat there white knuckled, staring at them out the window.
I am glad that's done with. Now the rest of this work is cosmetic. We need to scrape the deck, paint, and add a railing. I am thinking of growing a vine along the railing and the posts.

Phew, long day. I have a nice plan for my entry way... I'll be posting inspiration pictures I think.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Bedroom

So my blue bedroom is coming along nicely! I still need to put my headboard on my bed and buy my canopy but it should look lovely :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, I haven't posted much this week. I did get my furniture into my bedroom although I still need to tidy and attach my head board, so I will get some photos just not yet.

I also have been quite busy because of my new puppy, Belle. She has been a big handful! I love her to death even if she can be lots of trouble.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finished the bedroom floor!

So I finished the bedroom floor today with the help of my Mom! Some organizing is going to be happening tonight and tomorrow I am getting my puppy. I am also spending my first night in this house without my husband. He grew up there but I am not used to the woods and that sort of thing and it scares me a little. But I am lucky, I have a friend who is going to spend the night with me :D

Here are some photos of the room!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The blue bedroom

So the bedroom is slowly turning blue! No, I didn't cut off it's circulation. But we picked out a blue for the walls and a brown for the floor. The walls are done but we need to redo the white trim because it's so old. The floor is soon going to be chocolate brown. Yay! But tomorrow I promised my mother I would go with her to take my little sister to get her gall bladder out. It's day surgery so I told my mother I'd go to entertain her for a bit. My husband will be at home all day cleaning and painting tomorrow though. Saturday I'll get back to work and Sunday I go to church and go pick up my puppy! I can't wait! Here is a picture of her! Her name is Belle.

Matthew loves painting!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clearing things out

So today we decided to clear out a few rooms. I set up the dining room so it looks decent enough. We cleared out the bedroom so that tomorrow my future brother in law and I can paint it! My idea for the bedroom is a chocolate brown painted floor with light blue walls. I decided to get this done ASAP because I want at least one room to have a somewhat polished look. I want the bedroom to be my haven so the first thing to do is get the colours I want on the walls and floor.

So here's a few photos of what has been going on today!

Fireplace is all cleaned up and all debris have been moved away from it.
Dining room is set up in the way I'd like it but I can't wait to throw out the carpet. I'd also like to get a different picture for the wall. I'm thinking printing a few of my photos from France

This was that room with the red carpet that will be an office. Underneath the carpet there were all these newspapers and underneath that was art deco tile haha! And now we know underneath that is wood floor because future brother in law and Matthew tore that up but I have yet to photograph it.

Here is the bathroom with some nice decorations in it to make it look a bit nicer.
Nothing can make this part of the bathroom look better that this point.

Gotta sleep soon...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Move Day

So this won't be a real long post because I am exhausted. Matthew and I managed to take the majority of things from our place in Yarmouth and then stuff them into our new old place. It's a huge amount of chaos... some of it organized some of it not. My grandparents came and helped us pack and we rented a Uhaul trailer which was Matthew's first time driving a truck with a trailer attached. Afterwards we went back to my mother and father's house for some down time. I couldn't really handle working on the house anymore but the bed wasn't set up yet for sleeping.

I am trying to figure out what day to get my puppy. I don't want to get her if there are too many boxes not unpacked. I am allowed to get her anywhere between the 4th - 7th. I've always wanted to have a golden retriever and never got one. Anyway this post isn't really going very far because I am too sleepy... I'll post again tomorrow.

Monday, March 1, 2010

First Post

Today was the day of throwing out. I have photos documenting the experience, I wish I had taken some before we threw everything out. First though lets get some things straight. My husband Matthew and I were given this house by Matthew's mother. She has terrible osteoporosis and it's taken it's toll on her. She has moved to an apartment in the centre of town and we live out in a bay 10 minutes from town. We are moving in tomorrow even though everything is not cleared out yet because Matthew needs to get back to work. So the bulk of the cleaning, organizing and what not is up to me!

This house is going to have lots of small renos that are going to have a HUGE effect on the house. So on to today... today we took the 100 garbage bags of junk, broken toys, garbage, moth eaten clothes, and whatever else and threw them outside. We then made three trips to the dump with my father's truck and threw out all 100 of them. There are still things in the house that need to be junked and furniture piled in the yard (we currently a neighbours dream). Tomorrow I will post some better photos of the outside of the house. Tomorrow we also go to Yarmouth to collect our personal items with the help of my grandparents and a uhaul.

So here come the photos:

The junk was sitting on the deck for a bit.
The beautiful furniture we put in the yard for decoration... actually it's waiting for spring clean up or until I can make another trip to the dump.
Matthew amongst the trash.
Living room with Matthew's used piano which he is working on currently... carpet is going.
Fawkes! Our baby we had to leave with my mother in law when we went to Yarmouth :( He has become extremely spoiled and fat and will be going on a kitty diet ASAP!

Hallway... getting rid of the green carpet.

Kitchen which will eventually become a French Country styled kitchen.
The bathroom is seemingly normal and should be an easy room to deal with.

The floors have the carpet pulled up and are partially scraped which gives it a wonderful horror movie look that I'm dying to get rid of.... I am so witty!
This is Matthew's former computer room. It has also been quite cleaned out. The floor is going to be ripped up and we need to get some bookshelves.

This is my husband's childhood bedroom. This room is mine to have free reign in and I will post some inspiration photos later. The floors are going to be dark brown and the walls will be a light blue.
This storage room was piled to the ceiling with garbage yesterday. Some of it needs to go though we now have some storage space for ourselves now. Found some worn out rugs from the Victorian ages.

My husband and my sister's fiance cleaning the room that may one day become my studio. I left out my mother in laws old bedroom, I forgot to take a picture but it will be a music room and the paino will be going there eventually. I also forgot the dining room, mother in law was vacuuming and I didn't feel like taking a picture with her cleaning in it. My husband and I are moving in tomorrow even though everything is not cleared away. Mostly because Matthew needs to work. Anyway should be an interesting few weeks for me.