Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clearing things out

So today we decided to clear out a few rooms. I set up the dining room so it looks decent enough. We cleared out the bedroom so that tomorrow my future brother in law and I can paint it! My idea for the bedroom is a chocolate brown painted floor with light blue walls. I decided to get this done ASAP because I want at least one room to have a somewhat polished look. I want the bedroom to be my haven so the first thing to do is get the colours I want on the walls and floor.

So here's a few photos of what has been going on today!

Fireplace is all cleaned up and all debris have been moved away from it.
Dining room is set up in the way I'd like it but I can't wait to throw out the carpet. I'd also like to get a different picture for the wall. I'm thinking printing a few of my photos from France

This was that room with the red carpet that will be an office. Underneath the carpet there were all these newspapers and underneath that was art deco tile haha! And now we know underneath that is wood floor because future brother in law and Matthew tore that up but I have yet to photograph it.

Here is the bathroom with some nice decorations in it to make it look a bit nicer.
Nothing can make this part of the bathroom look better that this point.

Gotta sleep soon...

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