Monday, March 1, 2010

First Post

Today was the day of throwing out. I have photos documenting the experience, I wish I had taken some before we threw everything out. First though lets get some things straight. My husband Matthew and I were given this house by Matthew's mother. She has terrible osteoporosis and it's taken it's toll on her. She has moved to an apartment in the centre of town and we live out in a bay 10 minutes from town. We are moving in tomorrow even though everything is not cleared out yet because Matthew needs to get back to work. So the bulk of the cleaning, organizing and what not is up to me!

This house is going to have lots of small renos that are going to have a HUGE effect on the house. So on to today... today we took the 100 garbage bags of junk, broken toys, garbage, moth eaten clothes, and whatever else and threw them outside. We then made three trips to the dump with my father's truck and threw out all 100 of them. There are still things in the house that need to be junked and furniture piled in the yard (we currently a neighbours dream). Tomorrow I will post some better photos of the outside of the house. Tomorrow we also go to Yarmouth to collect our personal items with the help of my grandparents and a uhaul.

So here come the photos:

The junk was sitting on the deck for a bit.
The beautiful furniture we put in the yard for decoration... actually it's waiting for spring clean up or until I can make another trip to the dump.
Matthew amongst the trash.
Living room with Matthew's used piano which he is working on currently... carpet is going.
Fawkes! Our baby we had to leave with my mother in law when we went to Yarmouth :( He has become extremely spoiled and fat and will be going on a kitty diet ASAP!

Hallway... getting rid of the green carpet.

Kitchen which will eventually become a French Country styled kitchen.
The bathroom is seemingly normal and should be an easy room to deal with.

The floors have the carpet pulled up and are partially scraped which gives it a wonderful horror movie look that I'm dying to get rid of.... I am so witty!
This is Matthew's former computer room. It has also been quite cleaned out. The floor is going to be ripped up and we need to get some bookshelves.

This is my husband's childhood bedroom. This room is mine to have free reign in and I will post some inspiration photos later. The floors are going to be dark brown and the walls will be a light blue.
This storage room was piled to the ceiling with garbage yesterday. Some of it needs to go though we now have some storage space for ourselves now. Found some worn out rugs from the Victorian ages.

My husband and my sister's fiance cleaning the room that may one day become my studio. I left out my mother in laws old bedroom, I forgot to take a picture but it will be a music room and the paino will be going there eventually. I also forgot the dining room, mother in law was vacuuming and I didn't feel like taking a picture with her cleaning in it. My husband and I are moving in tomorrow even though everything is not cleared away. Mostly because Matthew needs to work. Anyway should be an interesting few weeks for me.


  1. You got a lot of work ahead of you guys but it's going to look AMAZING when it's all done.

    I look forward to following your progress!

  2. Thanks! :D And thanks for the comment on my photo blog also!