Saturday, March 27, 2010

The deck

Well, things have been interesting around here. As a first time puppy owner and home owner, I've been going slightly insane. I am not used to living in the woods and nor am I used to having a small furry creature tugging at my pants while I walk. I love her to death but you know it can be a little discouraging. I have to start posting on here more... for my sanity I think. Well today my husband and my future brother in law decided they were going to tackle our front deck. What is wrong with our front deck?

Well the posts that the roof rests on had rotted and collapsed. Part of the deck was also pushed away from the rest of the house. I helped push it back to where it belonged but I was glad Kyle was there so I didn't have to help with the rest. I was afraid to help because what needed to be done was put in supports and then knock out the original supports. I was terrified that the whole front of the house was going to collapse... and I must say it did sound like that for a while. Matthew discovered that part of the roof needed to be jacked up to fit the second last beam in. As he was jacking up the roof I could hear the house groaning while I was inside of it. There was about an hour where I just sat there white knuckled, staring at them out the window.
I am glad that's done with. Now the rest of this work is cosmetic. We need to scrape the deck, paint, and add a railing. I am thinking of growing a vine along the railing and the posts.

Phew, long day. I have a nice plan for my entry way... I'll be posting inspiration pictures I think.

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